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Design: Wolfgang C.R.Mezger

Light with many strengths. A comfortable chair with a slim moulded wooden shell.

Slender lines and an innovative shell construction: fina has a breezy way of bringing structure to a space. The seat shell of this multifaceted line is available in many variants – as a shaped wooden shell, with various upholstery options or in plastic – thanks to which fina is a great fit for a variety of settings. Furthermore, different frame options and a selection of textures and colours provide considerable scope for personal customisation. Attractive for everyday use – delicate, yet extremely robust.

Light and sturdy – with comfort to choose from.

fina’s shaped wood shell measures just 5 millimetres at its edges but is 1.5 centimetres thick in the middle, lending the chair a delicate look while simultaneously making it extremely stable. A range which embodies opposites: sleek and comfortable, lightweight with many strengths. The optional upholstery provides additional seating comfort – the range offers many possibilities, from an upholstered seat, to double upholstery throughout, to fully upholstered versions with attractive stitching.

fina is available in different variants and contrasts are an integral part of the design concept: For example, the version with arm-rests combines the soft curves of the seat shells with a frame that has a strong form, achieving a highly visually attractive contrast in the process. The arm-rest on the four-legged model is made from diecast aluminium and has an integrated arm-cap made from wood or leather.

Colourful and easy – care design for everyday use.

Another variant with a slender design: fina with a plastic shell. This shell looks as if it were made in a single sweep and is sturdy thanks to its 3-element design with fibre glass-reinforced core. In addition, it has the known advantages of plastic, being flexible, colourful and easy to care for. The robust seat shell can be combined with the various frame designs in the fina line.

Mobile and comfortable – in any position.

fina is also available as a swivel chair with casters. In this version, fina has a low-profile diecast aluminium swivel stand and is height-adjustable with integrated springiness in depth. Comfort included: the integrated spring-steel linkage is one of the design features ensuring a comfortable and pleasant seating feel. Of course, this variant also has numerous options with regard to material, design options and colour.

Also developed office and meeting settings: fina in a cantilever version. The arm-rests on this model taper horizontally to the rear and therefore underline the slender fina design concept. The upholstery is also a match for the design – despite its minimal upholstery thickness, fina offers an extraordinarily high level of seating comfort.


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