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Memorable design for large spaces. Linear stacking chair.
Design: Professor Thomas M. Fürst

A stacking chair which impresses with its linear design – low-key but quite definitely not unremarkable. With its clear-cut form, prime works as outstandingly in numbers as when on its own. Furthermore, the unusual texture pressed into the surface of the wood ensures that prime will always make an impression. prime is also a perfect example of a customer-oriented approach: it was designed in 2004 specially for the Ruhr University building in Bochum.

Its eye-catching features include the sculptural form of the seat shell and the shaping of the veneer. This special, innovative design feature has a very real advantage; more surface grip when seated. The rounded front edge provides additional ergonomic comfort, while the high-quality workmanship makes prime robust and resilient. Ideal for large-scale seating, cafeterias and canteens.  


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